SCML operates according to a humanitarian goal, through a social intervention that includes health services and medical care, education and culture as well as the promotion of quality of life, particularly for those most in need of protection. In pursuing its objectives, SCML has facilities and services in each area of Lisbon to directly meet the existing social needs; conducts socio-economic studies and multidisciplinary research among the population; develops a social work in the areas of childhood, youth, family and community, and elderly people; has a teaching establishment and training centres; has two hospitals and health services; cooperates with all the entities (national and international) which pursue similar goals. Regarding support services for the elderly, SCML provides: 26 Day centres with 1842 end users; 14 Home support services with 3557 end-users; 13 Retirement homes with 708 end-users; and 7 Assisted living residences with 152 end users. Role in the project: Trial site. Responsibility for the training of end-users. Engagement of user associations and other stakeholders. Elaboration of the blueprints of SENSE-GARDENs. Coordination and supervision of the construction of the SENSE-GARDENs.