AAN DE BEVERDIJK – HAMONT-ACHEL is part of the VULPIA group, a combination of 22 elderly care homes ( http://www.vulpia.be/woonzorgc... ), which takes care with great importance to its social responsibility as a high quality service provider in the healthcare sector. We therefore do not see this social responsibility as a theoretical definition of our activity, but as an attitude that every day must be put into practice by all stakeholders. The Beverdijk provides shelter and care to 90 residents. Unlike in many nursing homes the residents are divided into four living groups based on the individual care needs . Thus, there is a group with little care, two groups, with moderate care, and a group with a lot of care. This division does not mean that there are divisions between the living groups or that the inhabitants live in isolation from one another. Residents are free to go wherever they want, but at the Beverdijk a resident can conduct a thorough tailored care policies thanks to this divisions. The Beverdijk has a qualified and motivated team. Our strong organizational teamwork allows, among other things a monthly visit to the pool , there is a collaboration with the volunteers to transport the residents and let them participate in many outdoor activities . This is possible thanks to this wide network of volunteers at the Beverdijk. The large garden has a bucolic landscaped pond and sunny places are provided for residents to garden. Here the boxes are mounted at a height so that the residents do not have to bend down if they want to take care for their own garden. Located in a wooded area on the Beverdijk. The nursing home is also near the abbey of Achel, it is a safe location where Trappist beer is brewed. Inside our building is a simple structure where residents easily find their way. In our beautiful rooms (23m2) there is every modern comfort available and each room has plenty of light and views to the green surroundings. Role in the project: Care service provider. Trial site.