The project will create four SENSE-GARDENs in Belgium, Norway, Portugal and Romania, where images, videos, music and scents will strengthen the awareness of older people with dementia by providing stimuli to the different senses, such as sight, touch, hearing, balance and smell.

These SENSE-GARDENs are filled with familiar music, videos and photos from known places and with known people. Pictures and videos are combined with music - maybe a large image of mountains together with singing birds. Smells - for example the odour of a pine forest - are dispersed with a scent delivery system. This provides an immersive space automatically adjusted to each visitor, creating a connection to the most preserved areas of the memory.

The SENSE-GARDEN will activate the persons with dementia both mentally and physically. They can for example cycle or walk in a well-known space and feel like they are going home. Such experiences may have an effect on invigorating their identity and helping recovering the sense of self.

The project started in June 2016 and will last until November 2020, although we expect to be able to continue with the use of SENSE-GARDEN in the future after this date and offer the service to all of those who may need it.