DateTitleAuthor(s)Place of publication
September 2019The Use of Virtual and Immersive Technology in Creating Personalized Multisensory Spaces for People Living With Dementia (SENSE-GARDEN): Protocol for a Multisite Before-After Trial Gemma Goodall et al. JMIR Research Protocols
August 2019 The Role of Adaptive Immersive Technology in Creating Personalised Environments for Emotional Connection and Preservation of Identity in Dementia Care: Insights from User Perspectives towards SENSE-GARDEN Gemma Goodall et al.

International Journal On Advances in Life Sciences
June 2018Using Adaptive Immersive Environments to Stimulate Emotional Expression and Connection in Dementia Care: Insights from User Perspectives Towards SENSE-GARDEN Gemma Goodall et al.

Proceedings of The Fourth International Conference on Human and Social Analytics (HUSO 2018)
March 2018Reconnecting with Past and Present- Personalizing Sensory Stimulated Reminiscence Through Immersive Technologies- Developing a Multidisciplinary Perspective on the SENSE-GARDEN Room Jon Søgaard, Mihai Berteanu, J. Artur SerranoProceedings of the 4th International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Ageing Well and e-Health