Digital art exhibition on emotions and identity in dementia

Virtual world Decentraland

Deadline for sending registration: 22.02.2022
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The theme

The SENSE-GARDEN is an innovative concept for care and well-being in dementia, using an immersive environment supported by digital technology, creating sensory stimuli for reminiscence in persons living with dementia. SENSE-GARDEN aims at improving cognition by providing stimuli to the different senses, such as sight, touch, hearing, balance and smell, and ultimately leading to re-connecting with people and the reality around*.

The SENSE-GARDEN Association, with the scientific and financial support of IMRO-Lab and NTNU Health, in collaboration with Akron Gallery and DECENTRALAND/SciArt Lab, is offering artists from the Trøndelag county the opportunity to exhibit in the virtual SENSE-GARDEN space.

This is an invitation to all visual artists (paintings, photography, digital art, drawings, mixed techniques, etc.) to submit artworks to this exhibition. The artists may participate in an inspiring visit to the virtual land to show them the principles involved in the emotions-based therapy in the SENSE-GARDEN.

This competition and exhibition aims at creating public awareness on the possibilities the SENSE-GARDEN offers to people living with dementia and their families.

How will it happen?

Jan 21 - Feb 22 - Registration with one artwork in digital format from your own portfolio
Mar 4 - Mar 11 - Optional visits to the SENSE-GARDEN VR
Until Apr 17 - Production of additional artworks
May 1 - Publication of the results
The exhibition is planned to open on May 20. 2022

Who can submit artworks?

Any artists with residence in the Trøndelag county are eligible to register. Artists are asked to submit one artwork respecting the format for the exhibition (see below). Proof of residence is not required at registration but might be asked afterwards.

The authors admitted to the competition will be given the option to participate in a short visit to the virtual SENSE-GARDEN space, and learn about the experiences of people with dementia. The theme of the competition is the emotional dimension and its impact on identity for people living with dementia. We hope that the artists take this opportunity to be inspired by the SENSE-GARDEN and how it uses image and sound. The deadline to submit additional artworks is on April 30 at midnight, that is Wednesday at the end of the day.

Which artworks can be submitted?

Each selected artist may submit artworks in digital format to the competition. Two copies of each artwork must be submitted in the formats described below.

The artworks must follow the exact dimensions defined below. An artwork consists of a static image file, including all visual arts, such as paintings, photography, drawings, mixed techniques, etc.
Image file format: PNG

Dimensions: one copy with 3840 x 2511 pixels and one copy with 1228 x 803 pixels
The names of the two files must be, respectively: <first name>_<last name>_3840_2511.png and <first name>_<last name>_1228_803.png
The image content must be anonymous.

All submissions are to be done by email to and must include a title with a maximum of 140 characters, the full name of the artist, and the artistic name that will be publicised.

Assessment and prizes

10 artworks to be exhibited in the virtual SENSE-GARDEN located in the Decentraland. A jury will assess the submitted artworks. The 3 artworks with the highest score will be awarded, respectively, a Midtbykortet gift card with the values in NOK 10000, 5000, and 3500.

The authors of the 10 artworks will also be given the option to be listed in an online marketplace for non-fungible tokens (such as OpenSea) with all costs covered by the organisation. The price of the artwork will be determined by the artist and the total of the sales will be to the artist minus 10% donated to the SENSE-GARDEN Association.


The submitted artworks must be original and should not be copyrighted by third parties. The copyrights of the submitted artworks remain with the authors. The SENSE-GARDEN Association may use the submitted artworks for activities such as research, further exhibitions, promotion and in announcing the results.

*Serrano, J. Artur: 'SENSE-GARDEN – A concept and technology for care and well-being in dementia treatment' (Healthcare Technologies, 2021), 'Digital Methods and Tools to Support Healthy Ageing', Chap. 13, pp. 247-267, DOI: 10.1049/PBHE039E_ch13 IET Digital Library

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