Under the scope of the AAL-Programme, a large SENSE-GARDEN study was conducted between June 2017 and November 2020. Below are shown the work structure and all the activities performed during that time.

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Work Package 1: Project Management and Coordination

All the administrative and coordination activities as well as quality assurance and dissemination.
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Work Package 2: End-User Integration and System Design

The SENSE-GARDEN project embraced a user centred design focusing on collaborating with users (people living with dementia, family caregivers, professional caregivers) to design a system that meets the needs of all individuals involved.
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Work Package 3: System Development and Technical Support

Working closely with Work Package 2, Work Package 3 created the SENSE-GARDEN first proyotype.
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Work Package 4: Trials

The study conducted in all four test sites- Norway, Belgium, Portugal, and Romania. Work Package 4 was responsible for the design and execution of the scientific study.
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Work Package 5: Business and Dissemination

Work Package 5 has covered all dissemination materials, scientific and popular science publications.

The SENSE-GARDEN project (AAL/Call2016/054-b/2017, implementation period June 2017 - November 2020) was funded by AAL Programme, co-funded by the European Commission and National Funding Authorities of Norway, Belgium, Romania, and Portugal.

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