July 2020British Society of Gerontology Annual Conference 2020
October 2019The National Symposium of GerontoPsychology in Romania
October 2019The 42nd Annual National Congress of Medical Rehabilitation in Romania
September 2019The Second General Meeting, Bucharest, Romania
June 2019SENSE-GARDEN Participates at the 13th ISPRM World Congress, Japan
December 2018Mid-term Review, Achel Belgium
December 2018
AAL Business event, Bucharest Romania
December 2018Technical Meeting, Elias Hospital, Bucharest Romania
November 2018The Nordic Arts and Health Research Conference, Turku Finland
October 2018National Congress of Medical Rehabilitation, Cluj-Napoca Romania
October 201810th National Congress of Geriatrics and Gerontology, Bucharest, Romania
September 2018Alpha testing, Elias Hospital, Bucharest Romania
September 2018General Technical Meeting, Compexin, Ploiesti Romania
September 2018Expertendag Dementie, Genk Belgium
July 2018Béta testing, Beverdijk, Achel Belgium
June 2018Alpha testing, Bokko Tunet, Odda Norway
June 2018General consortium meeting, Kraftstasjon, Odda Norway
April 2018Béta testing, Beverdijk, Achel Belgium
March 2018AAL2Business Event Venture Academy, Brussels Belgium
January 2018AAL Infoday, Brussels Belgium
October 2017AAL Forum, Coimbra Portugal
September 2017@DLD Festival, Tel Aviv Israel
July 2017Architect Meeting, Beverdijk, Achel Belgium
June 2017Kick-Off Meeting Beverdijk, Achel Belgium