On October 18th 2019, members of the SENSE-GARDEN team conducted a workshop at the National Symposium of GerontoPsychology in Romania.

The workshop focused on a variety of topics, all related to the SENSE-GARDEN project:

  • Triggers for reminiscence therapy
  • How to build to trigger memories
  • Multisensory stimulation in SENSE-GARDEN
  • The experience of built space in multisensory stimulation of patients with neurocognitive disorders: A cognitive anthropology approach
  • Gamified cognitive training for people with neurocognitive disorders
  • SENSE-GARDEN: The role and the benefits for the family caregivers

Abstracts of presentations from the workshop can be read in the Romanian Journal of Gerontechnology and Geriatrics.

SENSE-GARDEN Romanian Team

SENSE-GARDEN Workshop at the National Symposium of GerontoPsychology, Romania, 2019

SG Workshop Ileana Ciobanu

Ileana Ciobanu presenting triggers for reminiscence therapy

SG Workshop Ileana Ciobanu and Rozeta Draghici

Rozeta Draghici presenting multisensory stimulation in SENSE-GARDEN

SG Workshop Andreea Marin

Andreea Marin presenting gamified cognitive training

SG Workshop Mihaela Zamfir Presenting

Miheala Zamfir presenting "How to build to trigger memories"

SG Workshop Andreea Marin Presenting

Andreea, Ileana and Rozeta

SG Workshop Mihai Zamfir

Mihai-Viorel Zamfir presents a cognitive anthropology approach to space in multisensory stimulation

SG Workshop Audience

Members of the audience

SG Workshop Mihaela Zamfir

SENSE-GARDEN Architect Mihaela Zamfir