SENSE-GARDEN Home offering a simplified technology to be deployed in small spaces

This project starts where our previous project ended: 4 spaces were deployed in the test sites, and more than 50 users have experienced and acclaimed the concept offered by this novel therapy for dementia. By leveraging the knowledge acquired with the studies conducted, the new project SENSE-GARDEN Home will propose a simplified technology that can be deployed in smaller spaces, such as the user’s home.

As in the original project, the concept builds upon techniques from reminiscence therapy and uses digital technologies to present familiar music, photographs, films and scents within an immersive environment, in which the person with dementia is encouraged to remember, reflect upon and share past meaningful moments from their lives. The new project will bring the concept to a wider audience, captivating the attention and interest of potential investors. The SENSE-GARDEN approach, including both the deployed technology and the developed therapy, will be improved and adjusted to the users’ needs.

Funding info

Project with grant aal-2020-7-270-SCP_ SGH and implementation period from February 2021 to November 2021, funded under the 2020 call of the AAL Programme (Active Assisted Living Programme - Ageing Well in the Digital World), co-funded by the European Commission and National Funding Authorities of Belgium, Norway, and Romania.

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